About the Author

I used to sport a Van Dyke, but the nature of my work prevents me from sporting anything more than chin fuzz.

My name is Charles, though usually others just call me Charlie. I live my life as a man who enjoys drinking a good cup of coffee, working effiently for his employer, caring for his parents, reading a good essay or watching a good documentary, and enjoying all things iOS.

I like reading and watching nonfiction, especially in-depth articles and videos on tribal and ancient cultures, history, applied physics and chemestry, and the occasional “reality television” shows like Pawn Stars and Forged in Fire. (Note: this does not include bullshit shows like Ancient Aliens, as they do not do research scientifically. They already have their prejudices and refit the facts to suit their views, instead of fitting their views to the facts.)

Now, for the gutter: While I am a man, I was not born male. I was born with a female body. I didn’t state this at the start, because I don’t want people thinking this is the main thing about me. It is just another aspect of my body, like how I’m balding, I’m short (on both ends in this case, yes I love and use dirty humor), I’m overweight. It is just a physical body issue.

I use the term transsexual, not transgender, to describe myself, because transsexual has come to define a specific concept, unlike “transgender”, which is so watered down like the word “queer” no one knows what it means anymore. For me, I had a physical issue, and took the medical steps possible to heal as much as possible, so I could live as healthfully as possible. I’m not prone to want to discuss or reform concepts like gender, society, shit like that. For me it was about the physical, not the mental nor social.

Through this blog I will discuss issues through both a man’s experiences, and a transsexual’s eyes. Sometimes they will overlap, and sometimes my differences in experience will lead me to a different view from other men. Note, though, that not all (cis) men are the same. The jock who grew up in a wealthy family will have a different experience from the nerd who had to study hard to get into college on a scholarship because his family could never afford it. My life growing up in a small, rural town area will differ from that of a man who grew up in a bustling city. My experience growing up with parents whose views differ from my own won’t be those of someone who grew up agreeing with their parents, regardless if they’re liberal or conservative or whatever. Even as transsexual, my sex change experience will differ from others even if they undergone the fully monty like I did.

I’m just a guy who’s trying to understand and live my life, like everyone else. My life story is definitely more on the fringe side of things, but since those days I came out and finished my sex change, I’m Been experiencing it as a man. And if you don’t agree with the decisions I’ve made, let’s talk about it. I want to see where you come from. I’m not one of these transgender kids whose psychology is so fragile they trigger at the slightlest difference of opinion and label it “transphobic”. In this age of the Internet, where we only cater to the choir, I’m trying to reach out across the line and bridge connections. All I’m ask, as it’s what I give, is respect and courtesy.